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Future Classroom Practice
The ideas and concepts that discovery learning are based on have been an integral part of the education system for many decades.  It seems that discovery learning as a theory has been able to adapt to its changing environments allowing students to benefit from its hands-on, experimental, inquiry based approaches.  It seems to me that discovery learning will always be a part of classroom practices; however, I don't see it as the main educational method in schools.  It does an excellent job of guiding students through processes and problem-solving yet I don't believe that it is the key to all required learning.  Learning is about accumulating and retaining a diverse amount of information and while I believe that discovery learning is important for getting all students actively involved in their own education it is just as important to use a diverse amount of teaching methods to accommodate all students and the ways they learn best.  The bottom line, is that all the students in our education system today do not learn at the same rates or in the same fashion as others.  Discovery learning gets all of these children involved in what is a foundation for the information to be learned tomorrow.  Discovery will always be a part of education because it is the desire to want what is new and the journey towards making the unkown, known.  There will always be more for us as individuals to learn that is what makes life exciting.