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Process of Discovery Learning
There is no linear model of discovery learning processes because individuals comprehend and sequence  activities and information in different ways.  Although individuals process information in different orders, there is a general consensus on the types of processes and related activities that occur during discovery learning.

   Proposing an issue: an issue is not considered a specific problem with a correct or incorrect hypotheses.  An issues is a localized area of inquiry with ideas that can be confirmed or challenged
   Proposing a specific problem: the problem is the definition of the specific issue or inquiry
   Generating hypotheses: creating a quantitative or qualitative hypothesis
   Gathering observations related to our hypotheses: generating evidence or data
   Affirming or disconfirming our hypotheses: determining whether or not evidence confirms or denies the hypothesis
   Refining hypotheses: reworking or fixing any damage that the evidence might have create for the original hypothesis
   Explaining or proving hypotheses: using evidence to prove your hypothesis true

All processes of discovery learning were produced from the following web site: